11 Best Blue Pant Matching Shirts Combinations For Men That You Shouldn't Miss Out

When it comes to choosing a versatile color in the fashion industry, then it is going to be blue which will keep popping up in everyone’s mind. Especially when it comes to bottom wear for men. The fashion ideas for blue pants matching shirts are many based on either preference or latest trends. 

How to Wear Blue Dress Pants?

Based on the body type and occasion, many shirt colors go with blue pants. So, if you are looking for the perfect way to match your blue pants with a shirt, then here are a few tips for you:

  • Go with a white shirt and blue pants for a classic formal look.
  • Fitting a button-down shirt with loafers will give you a semi-formal vibe.
  • You can pair your crew neck with a jacket for one of the ideas for a blue pants matching shirt. 

11  Blue Pants Matching Shirts Outfits For Men

Be ready to style your plain blue pants in various styles that will help you elevate your look to admirable levels. Whether it be a casual outing with friends or a board meeting at your office, go with these 11 blue pant matching shirt ideas this instant.

For Formal Business Meetings-

Are you stressing about what to wear for your important business meeting? Then check out these blue pant matching shirt options and make an impression for lifetime: 

1. Plain White Shirts

White Shirt With Blue Pants

Whether you are donning dark blue or sky blue pants, the one constant that will be perfectly suitable is the plain white shirt. Bright and simple in outlook, white color shirts scream classy. So, if you want your colleagues to take you seriously in a business meeting, then use the magic of a white shirt and blue pants.

2. Plain Pink Shirts

Blue Pant Matching Pink Shirt

This combination of a plain pink shirt and blue pants also looks great when it comes to smart formal wear for business meetups. The color which is not generally included in men’s fashion is actually a very good match when paired with blue pants. Both light and dark shades of pinks workout great making the wearer look charming.  

3. Plain Beige Shirts

Beige Shirts With Blue Pants

Blue, Pink, and White are the colors that you have already been chasing for a long time. So, this time why not try something new and make your look a little appealing too. Soft to the eyes, plain beige is one of those shirt colors that go well with navy blue pants. Highlight your style with a new twist for the upcoming business meeting by making changes in your wardrobe with this trendy color.

4. Plain Light Blue Shirts

Most people don’t like wearing the same color shirt and bottoms, but when matched and tucked properly it can be pretty alluring. That is the case with a plain light blue shirt and dark blue pants. This is one of the traditional blue pants matching shirt concepts that has been ever present and still works every time.

 For Office Wear-

Dress to impress is the mantra every employee works toward while they are getting ready for their office. As first impressions are important, so is the idea of maintaining that charm every day. Here are some of the best blue pants matching shirt looks for every employee: 

5. Checked Shirts

Checked Shirts with Blue Pants

These are one of the shirt types that every formal wardrobe must include. Your office look is incomplete without a variety of checked shirts. Plus, they go well with various colored pants, especially sky blue pants. Whether they are block-checked prints or intricate checked prints, you are liable to give off a good formal vibe.

6. Dotted Printed Shirts

A unique variety of shirt options that most don’t possess, dotted printed shirts will help you stand out in the crowd. So, if you want to make a good impression, then pair a dark printed shirt with white dots for good measure. This will look wonderful as a dark blue pant matching shirt option. 

7. Striped Shirts

Whether you are wearing a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal striped shirt, you have cracked one of the light blue pant matching shirt ideas that work all the time. The stripes present makes the wearer stand out in all the positive ways giving a semi-formal fashion vibe to kill for. Match it with dark-colored footwear and you are set.

8. Plain Black Shirts

Black Shirts With Blue Pants

The style epitome of fashion in color, a plain black shirt combination with blue pants will give you a pristine look with sharp edges. It will help you create a mysterious and sensual aura that is likely to look good throughout the day and night. So, whenever you have special plans for the evening after your work, wear this blue pant matching shirt option for a regal look.

For Party Wear or Casual Gatherings-

Parties and evening get-togethers happen not so frequently. They are the perfect time for you to relax and become comfortable by flaunting your unique style. Here are some great blue pant matching partywear shirt ideas for you to experiment with: 

9. Floral Printed Shirts

Who would have thought that florals will make such a huge style statement, especially in men’s fashion? But, trust the experts because they are here to stay. Add a floral printed shirt of exquisite design to your collection and be ready to amaze everyone by being your best.

10. Satin Shirts

Partywear Satin Shirts With Blue Pants

Smooth silky feel and a demure look, a satin shirt is the lethal combination of both these elements for partywear. But, when paired with blue bottoms? You are going to top the stage. Maroon, light blue, and black are some of the satin shirt colors that go with navy blue pants. So, get one of the satin shirts for your special date and impress them all.

11. Denim Shirts

Denim Shirt and Blue Pants Matching

The vintage style of wearing denim shirts is still going strong. They are a good part of the sky blue pant matching shirt collection that you must possess for the picnics and club events. Denim shirts bring out the body’s contour in perfect lines. So, pair this combination with a set of aviators and shine brightly amidst the crowd.

Frequently Asked Questions-

What color shirt can be combined with navy blue pants?

The dark color navy blue pants work wonders for the light-colored shirts. Light-blue, pink, satin shirts, and checked shirts, are some of the examples that are good options for shirt colors that go with navy blue pants.

How to style blue pants for parties?

You can either go with the classic white or black shirt and blue pants combination. Or you can spice it up with a satin shirt or floral print in the mix. It totally depends on the kind of vibe you are trying to give for the party.

What color matches with light blue pants?

Both light and dark colored shirts can be matched with light blue pants. White, Navy, Black, Striped, etc. are some of the shirt options that you should tip toward to pair with your light blue pants.