The French Crown Belts For Men

    When you're assembling an outfit, you are either blending your belt with it or you are thinking: Oh it, might even just vanish under my shirt, so why bother?

    French Crown is here to change that game - because our belts for men collection is everything except blend or avoid! We believe that being extraordinary in the crowd adds to your confidence and it directly or indirectly impacts your work in a positive way. Thus, you must be dressed up in a manner that's outstanding. And with our belt collection, you'll be able to place your best foot forward, even better.

    Vegan Leather Belts For Men Collection

    You will be surprised if we tell you that you don't have to wear leather belts any longer! Believe it or not, we have the innovation to create branded belts for men that are cruelty-free as crafted in vegan leather. And French Crown is here with its handcrafted Vegan Belts for Men, whether you are looking for formal belts for men, or casual belts for men or for that matter stylish belts for men - The French Crown Vegan Belts for Men are a rage due to its love for the environment as well as animals.

    A Plethora Of Colors And Patterns

    Whether your persona is about having an elegant and confident poise, or about being flamboyant and outgoing, the French Crown Men's Belt Collection has something for each kind of men's persona.

    For an official look, our Black, Tan and Jade Blacks with Subtle Texture or Textureless would be a great idea.

    For the party wear, we have Men’s designer belts like Crocodile Skin Textured Vegan Leather Belt, Cobra Skin Textured Vegan Leather Handcrafted Belt in various colors.

    For those who love chic, lightweight belts we have these Vegan Leather Lightweight Belts in three colors Dark Brown, Brown And Jade Black.

    And the best part about each belt is that each one has been hand-crafted with love, no machine use - feel the sense of pride of providing employment to various artisans who have toiled hard to create your piece of choice.

    How To Choose The Perfect Belt For Men?

    Always follow the steps below before buying a belt.

    1. The Size

    The common principle for estimating a man's belt size is to take your waist size and add 2 inches. For instance, if you wear a size 34 pant, we suggest a size 36 belt. The better option, otherwise, is always to use a measuring tape where you will be wearing your belt, that number is the place where the middle opening of the belt will fit. Always buy a slightly larger size than your exact measurement.

    2. The Fit

    The belt should be wide enough that neither it should rub against your waist skin, nor it should hide under your shirt. Moreover, always take a test drive: Wear the belt and walk around to feel comfortable. Our men’s designer belts have an easy exchange policy to help you buy that fits you the best.

    3. Try Matching With Shoes

    The only rule here is that never wear a dress belt with casual shoes - formal belts for men match formal shoes. And thus, keep the buckle simple if you are not a belt person, so that every time you step out, you don't have to do much thinking around it.

    When it comes to color coordination, well...if you have a dim earthy colored belt, the most legitimate decision for shoes would be dull earthy colored ones. On the off chance that your shoes have a particular brown shading, then a brown belt would look great on those.

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