Light Gray PantsLight Gray Pants
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Royal Blue PantsRoyal Blue Pants
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Coffee Brown PantsCoffee Brown Pants
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Khaki Brown PantsKhaki Brown Pants
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Twill Green PantsTwill Green Pants
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Jade Black PantJade Black Pant
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Jade Black Textured PantJade Black Textured Pant
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Mirage Navy Blue PantMirage Navy Blue Pant
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Bright White Solid PantBright White Solid Pant
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Vampire Gray PantVampire Gray Pant
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Choose From a Vast Collection

French Crown men's clothing assortment includes a wide scope of base wear for each event. Right from formal pants to casual pants to party wear, with French Crown men's pants assortment, be guaranteed that you have enough alternatives that are reasonable for a wide range of formal, relaxed, and party events. Glance through our index and shop for your favourite pants for men from the solace of your home.

The Vast Range For Every Occasion

1. Formal Pants For Men

Our formal pants for men give you that impeccable corporate look for any and every occasion. So whether you pick a simple formal pant, a textured formal pant or for that matter a wool blend pant, just add the dash of a formal shirt and shoes or if need be a blazer, to shine out from the crowd. Our men's formal pants style will keep you hooked to the French Crown.

2. Cotton Pants For Men

Cotton sounds boring to a few, and for them, we have a plethora of options - regular fit cotton pants or slim fit cotton pants in various colours are just the beginning of your imagination and our service.

3. Plain Solid Pants For Men

This collection helps you slip in and out of any occasion without being bothered whether the pattern or texture will suit the mood or not. Thus, it is a must-have in your closet.

Why Choose French Crown Pants For Men

1. We give you a plethora of sizes, styles, fabrics, patterns & price range among pants for men, to fit your mood as well as your pocket.

2. Our easy exchange policy and timely delivery is at par with international standards.

3. We provide style tips at our website to help you select the best Formal pants for men, Casual pants for men, Business casual pants so that you put your best foot forward every time you step out.

4. Most of our fabric is shrink-proof and always come in fast colours, so as to make your wardrobe carefree

Limitless Options For Endless Fashion

French Crown pants for men, whether formal pants or casual pants, come in a variety of fabrics. To suit each season or occasion you can select from cotton, linen, poly-viscose/rayon, terry rayon, wool and wool blended.

Similarly, we give you various patterns to suit your mood and fashion statement. So there are plain solid formal pants for men, checks/plaid pants for men among semi-formal or casual pants for men; there are stripes that you can carry off as both formal pants or business casual pants or even for a party. and last but not least come the textured pants for men, which are ideal for your party style, and even semi-formal events.

When it comes to colors, French Crown offers the regular black, blue, brown, gray & navy among the formal pants styles for men. but when it comes to showing your fun side, we showcase cream, green, white, olive and even those multicolor pants to make you look extraordinary!

Fashion Tips To Style Pants For Men

1. Formal pants look the best in plain/solids and in black, brown, gray or navy colors. These can go with any kind of shirt.

2. If you are wearing a multicolor casual pant, to make it stand out, wear a monotone shirt, to let the pant stand out

3. For party wear, experiment with plaids and stripes' men's style for pants. can also select textured pants

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