The French Crown Readymade Blazers for Men Collection

With its origins as jackets for drifting and oceanic exercises, blazers for men have made some amazing evolution in styling over the due course of time. The word 'blazer' comes from the name of a boat - its group donned blue and white striped blazers. At French Crown, we take pride in hosting the best readymade blazer for men.

Our exclusive collection of stylish blazers for men include an assortment of fabric, styling, patterns and colours. Pick your top choices and overhaul your closet in a moment. We present to you the best value coats for men around. You can purchase as numerous reasonable assortments as you like for each event

French Crown Blazers Come In Various Styles

1. The formal blazer for men or single breasted blazer which can also be worn as a casual attire!

Versatility is thy name! You can wear them for business purposes with shirts and trousers as well as pair them with jeans and French Crown Round-neck T-shirts. These aren't like double-breasted ones that are intended to be worn with a tie and formal pants. French Crown offers these in both Solid/Plains and Printed styles.

2. The Casual Blazer for men or the Double Breasted Blazer

This variety is ideal for casual and semi casual occasions. Our Printed Double-Breasted Blazers are ideal for weddings too and other such conventional events when you are needed to be all the more fashionable. In this range, we offer you a wide range to choose your personal relaxed styles that can be matched with pants and other easygoing outfits. Again, French Crown offers these in both Solid/Plains and Printed styles.

3. The Party/Wedding Wear or Bandhgala/ Mandarin Wedding Blazer

With buttons that go as far up to a Chinese neckline, these coats give the wearer an exquisite look which makes them the most ideal blazer for men's party wear or wedding blazer for men. These can even be matched with pants for a more relaxed look. On a happy event, when a sherwani isn't actually what you need to wear, a Bandhgala or Mandarin-style blazer will be the most ideal alternative for you. French Crown offers these in both Solid/Plains and Printed styles.

A Vast Collection Of Colours, Patterns & Fabric

Our blazers not just suit your mood and style but the weather and occasions as well. So when it comes to fabric, we have Cotton, Linen, Viscose/Rayon, Terry Rayon, Tencel, Wool, Wool-blend and Polyester blazers for men to suit all seasons of the year. When it comes to patterns, we have PLAIN/SOLIDS to keep up the pace with any kind of formal/casual/semi-formal occasion; and we also have printed blazers for men to match your party mood. Whatmore the French Crown blazers for men come in some 17 colours! Check out our colour palette here, we even have those jazzy gold and maroons, along with multi-colours! All in all, French Crown is your one-stop-shop, when it comes to buying Stylish Blazer for Men.

How To Choose The Right Blazer For Men

1. Decide the colour, pattern and fabric as per the occasion you wish to wear it for. If you are too confused, prefer to pick the versatile Single-Breasted Blazer

2. Before buying our blazer online, check out our size chart and afresh measure your sleeves, shoulders, waist etc as per the charts laid.

3. Try out the piece once it arrives home, and in case you find it a misfit in size, our easy exchange policy will look after the same.

We provide fast shipping of all products in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat,Bangalore, Chennai and in many more Indian cities.

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