The French Crown Designer Waistcoats for Men

For those men, who love to have extra, lightweight and sharp layering choices, the French Crown Exclusive Collection of Waistcoats for men are an ideal and flexible outfit with additional items that can add a layer of style to your outfits. You can even add a top layer of overcoats or coats or blazers to them. Our online assortment incorporates brilliant assortments for men of all ages. And these are available in various colours, patterns and fabrics to keep your fashion quotient exquisite through the year.

How to Choose the Perfect Waistcoat for Men

1. The Ideal Length

If you are wearing the waistcoat as a solo entity then the length can measure just up to the pocket inlet of your pants and trousers. But if this has to be teamed up with an overcoat or blazer, then the length can be two inches smaller. But, remember, it should be ideal enough as to when you lift your hands, your shirt must not be visible!

2. The Proper Fit

Try, try and try again is the word. Try with a tie, without a tie, with a shirt, with a coat, etc. The idea is that you must not feel claustrophobic or suffocated inside the layers. The arms pit must have enough and free movement, up-and-down, sideways, etc. The need to keep the buttons open, must not arise later, for you to breathe!

3. The Pockets

The pockets must ideally be seamless and big enough for your hands to slide in comfortably. Moreover, when you slide your hands inside the waistcoat, there must be no pressure on your chest or buttons. Prefer to have side pockets than the front one, Such waistcoats can gel with any kind of outerwear.

An Eye-Catching Collection of Patterns, Fabrics, Colours & Styles

The French Crown waistcoats are worldwide famous for their comfort and class.

We offer you waistcoats on Cotton, Linen, Poly Viscose/ Rayon, Terry Rayon and Tencel fabrics to suit the mood, the occasion, as well as the season. For instance, Cotton or Linen WaistCoats are ideal as formal waistcoats for men and even as casual waistcoats to some extent. On the other hand, the Rayon varieties, having that subtle sheen, are perfect to go for as party wear, or wedding waistcoats for men.

There are 17 colours coming in three patterns - Plain/Solids, Printed and Textured - to choose from, so you don't have to feel that why should women have all the fun! Plus all these are in so many different styles - the normal and versatile Single Breasted Waistcoat, Double Breasted Waistcoat, Casual waistcoat for men, Formal Waistcoat for men, Waistcoat For Wedding, Waistcoat for Men’s Party Wear, Cross Buttoned Waistcoat, The Chinese Collared Mandarin Waistcoat and many more to arrive soon. So you can carry off a formal dress with a waistcoat or choose to go out even on a date.

How To Buy Waistcoats for Men, Online with Ease

1. Measure your torso as per the Size Chart given on this page. These should be same day measurements when you place an order.

2. Decide the occasion and season, where you wish to carry it off with elan. Like a Single Breasted Waistcoat would be great as a casual or formal both, but the Chinese Collared Mandarin Waistcoat can only suit a formal or semi-formal event.

3. Place the order as per your main outfit.

4. When it arrives home, pair it up well with the main outfit and check the fitting.

5. Follow our easy exchange policy, in case you need to replace it. Simple

We provide fast shipping of all products in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat,Bangalore, Chennai and in many more Indian cities.

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