8 Unique Blue Suit Combinations With Shirts, Tie, And Shoes

Adaptable both in summer and winter, and appropriate for corporate or for delight, among various suit colors the blue suit combinations have never been out of fashion, since times immemorial. 

The range of varieties from light blue to navy blue to even the dark blue suit combinations, these remain the most favorite in any man's wardrobe due to their versatile strength that makes them pair-able with nearly anything.

But knowing an ideal blue suit combination (especially the full blue suit shirt and tie combinations or for that matter blue suit combinations for wedding) could be a tricky affair for some. To save you from this exhausting errand we will not only help you pick the right shirt, the perfect blue suit tie combination, but also help you with what color and kind of shoes to go with a blue suit. 

Different Ways to Wear Blue Suits

You can wear them as a casual wear with a T-shirt that should be lighter in shade. Or with shirts as formal wear with a neck-tie. Below we discuss the formal attire.

Which Shirt to Wear With a Blue Suit?

Blue is that one universal color where you can almost try all colors under the Sun provided these are lighter than your suit colors and also that you can carry them off! Otherwise, the ones mentioned below are the all-times trusted blue suits combination. 

1. Wear Blue Suit With Pink Shirt


Blue Suit With Pink Shirt

    This is among the most sought after blue suit combinations for weddings, whether you are the groom or the wedding party. The pink shirt blue suits combination is a more fitting attire for men who love to make a bold statement. But then, a bright blue suit and a radiant pink shirt might be too much. So pick up a dark shade of blue and a light pink shirt. Tie for blue suit with pink shirt? You may go with a patterned blue tie or with a simple lilac one; cufflinks if you can carry off, will add to the charm. Try not to feel like your pocket square should be pink, as well. You can pick a lilac one or avoid it totally. 

    2. Pair With White Shirt

    Blue Suit With White Shirt

    The most adorable and the least effort demanding blue suit combinations for weddings as well as beyond, even for work meetings. This works as classic dark blue suit combinations and is a winner always. The trick is blue suit, shirt and tie combinations should be such that it doesn't overshadow the white! So can wear a black, blue, maroon or darker shade of necktie.

    3. Blue Suit With Black Shirt

    Blue Suit With Black Shirt

    An extraordinary choice for a night occasion is the black shirt with a navy blue suit. Of course, you don't want to look like James Bond, but then there is no harm in looking extraordinary right? So this blue suits combination with a black shirt works best with navy blue and hazier tones of blue suits. It's a more secure choice than more splendid and lighter blue suits. A blue neck tie or in any other colors is totally avoidable, can though keep a Satin touch black pocket square

    What Color Tie to Wear With a Blue Suit? 

    Often men are stuck on this main question: What blue suit tie combination to wear or which tie for blue suit would look the best on me? We are sharing some simple three fashion tips and the rest your mirror can answer, once you dress up! 

    1. Blue Suit With Red Printed Tie

    Blue Suit With Red Printed Tie

    This looks great as blue suit combinations for weddings when you have a lighter shade in a shirt, like a beige one or off white. Navy blue suits or even a lightly patterned blue suit in somewhat lighter blue shade will also look great. 

    2. Matching With Purple Tie

    Blue Suit With Purple Tie

    This blue suit tie combination looks great with a lilac shirt or a pink shirt. The tie for blue suit can be patterned if your shirt is simple and vice versa.

    3. Pair Blue Suit With Pink Tie

    The navy blue suit combinations in light shades of colors like the off whites, the pastels and black shirts, look very well with a pink tie. Don't experiment much with this blue suit tie combination, stick to colors listed. 

    What Shoe Color To Wear With A Blue Suit? 

    Once you are all dressed up in a blue suit shirt and tie combinations of your choice, then this comes the next step. And let's make it easy for you as per the dark blue suit combinations and the lighter ones. 

    1. Match Blue Suit With Black Shoes

    Blue Suit With Black Shoes

    These look ideal when you have dark blue suit combinations, whether you are dressed up in a blue suit shirt and tie combinations for work or a blind date; or whether you deck up in blue suit combinations for weddings. Black shoes in Oxfords, Brogues, Two tones, one being the suit color and Mon-straps are eternal friends of the blue suits, but avoid black shoes if the suit color is light blue. 

    2. Pair Blue Suit With Brown Shoes

    Blue Suit With Brown Shoes

    Light blue suits combination, and to some extent even the navy blue suit combinations look great with the shoes in the shades of brown. You can wear Derby's, Brogues, Monk-straps, Oxfords etc. (and to some extent even the loafers if wearing a T-shirt instead of a formal shirt).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does a green tie go with a blue suit?

    Green tie will work well with navy blue suit, or you can try a lighter green color tie with blue suit outfit. Not in any other suit shade of the blue. 

    What shoes go with a navy suit?

    Black, brown and oxblood/burgundy and those in Oxfords, Two-tone, Derbies and Brogues would be an ideal wear. 

    Can we wear suspenders with blue suits?

    Navy blue suspenders with a dark blue suit and light blue shirt can be a good idea.