How to Wear Men's White Shirts? [10 White Shirts Outfit Ideas]

The white shirt outfit is every man's most noteworthy style instrument. Basic, flexible and the encapsulation of courteous tastefulness, this closet backbone will take you from the workplace to drinks and back again.

Generally, an image of abundance and qualification, white shirts for men actually hold quite a bit of their top-notch claim, especially when worn the correct way. The omnipresence of the white shirt today implies you really want to raise the stakes with regards to hanging out in this exemplary piece. 

People think that not anyone and everyone can carry off a white shirt with elan. This is a myth. 

10 Fresh Ways To Style Your White Shirt

So, today we will not only teach you how to wear white shirts but also give you tips on how to style a white shirt. So, here we are with a complete list.

1. White Shirts With A Casual Blazer

The topmost charmer when it comes to a white shirt outfit for men. The ultimate among the white shirt dress style, a dark blazer over a white shirt, like an olive, navy blue, blue or brown or any other, with or without a matching lower, makes a huge difference to the same outfit without the blazer.

White Shirt With Blazer

For instance, if you are wearing formal pants with a white shirt, but have a date in the evening, you can simply throw in a decent blazer and transform the same outfit into semi-formal wear.

2. White Shirts With Ripped Jeans

White Shirts With Ripped Jeans

Classic blue jeans and white shirts have been an eternal pairing - an ideal mark of sophistication amid the casual environs. But when you go for ripped jeans, ensure that the gathering you address in this attire is of close buddies and the denim must be boot cut. Pick up a button-down collar shirt to go with it, which will help you keep the shirt sitting firmly across your shoulders, throughout the day/the event.

3. White Shirts with Cream Suits

How to wear white shirts, that too with cream suits? Some would feel this as a very filmy proposition. But if you style it well, even the common man can make this white shirt outfit rock.

4. White Shirts with Tuxedos

White Shirts With Tuxedos

The most popular white shirt outfit and the most amazing traditional way to go at an event, especially with a dress code. The kind of masculine charm a white shirt adds to a black tuxedo suits or a deep colored tuxedo, none other can match this white shirt dressing style! 

5. White Shirts with Waistcoats

White Shirts With Waistcoats

An ultimate white shirt dressing style that's a classic one and oozes oomph and style from the word GO! Pick up a waistcoat as per the season, match the trousers with the waistcoat and you are great to go. Throw in just a pair of standard Oxford shoes to add that extra dose of style. 

6. White Shirts with Chinos

White Shirts with Chinos

A white shirt outfit with men's Chinos is always one of the dullest ideas; but when you throw in the white shirt, it makes a huge difference. Pairing a white shirt with black button, with or without a collar, with a dark pair of chinos, will make you look dapper. And if you wish to make the same outfit party wear, then pick up white striped or checkered chinos. 

7. White Shirts with Shorts

white shirts with shorts

No summer is complete with a pair of a white linen shirt and a pair of shirts or Bermuda shorts as a white shirt outfit for casual nights or evenings, or even as a first day date outfit, A white linen shirt with a Mandarin collar or a short-sleeved white linen shirt or for that matter a long-sleeved one that's folded till the elbows, adds charm to your shorts, which must be in some bright summer colors. 

8. White Shirts with Trench Coats

A white shirt with knee-length trench coats in any color that compliments the white will look great on you. The ultimate style tip on How to wear white shirts with a trench coat is that the coat must always be worn open.

Pair it up with jeans or chinos, in a color that overall compliments the white shirt outfit. For instance, a light brown trench coat would look great with classic blue jeans and a white shirt.

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9. Bright White Shirts With Suspenders

White shirts with shruds

Whether you wear a bright white shirt outfit or a simple white shirt outfit with suspenders, what adds charm is a black bow tie. How to style a white shirt with suspenders? Match the suspenders with the color of the tuxedo or suit jacket, in case you are styling it up like that. Or match it up with the pants. Avoid funky colored suspenders, if you are out for a formal meeting.

10. Full-Sleeves White Shirts With Nehru Jackets

Full-sleeves white shirts with nehru jackets waistcoats

This white shirt outfit is perfect wear for business meetings. But these days when you pair them up with ankle-length Chinos and nehru jackets, it also passes off as semi-formal or party wear as well. The trick is to pair a Mandarin Collar or Without Collar white shirt with a jacket in monotone that matches the same colored pants. A decent watch and formal shoes or even penny loafers, give you that perfect look.

Additional Tip: Mark our words, there is nothing as bad as a white shirt that isn't perfectly white. So, our final word of advice is to maintain the white of the white shirt extremely well. Use a suitable beach or washing agent to ensure that it gets back its perfect tone after each wear.  


We have just shared ten white shirt fashion trends, but there are many white shirt dressing styles, as many as you can imagine. So throw in your own imagination and create your own. Don't forget to share the same with us, you never know you might help others on how to style a white shirt beyond the classic ways!