12 Best Suits Color Combinations Every Man Must Have in Their Wardrobe

A man needs somewhere around two suits. Perhaps even three. Yet, what colors of suits must men go for? What color suit is best for wedding? Which suit color will go with my skin color? A quality suit is costly attire, so you must take these questions, different color suits and related best suit color combination as a serious business. 

Below is the list of 12 trending suit colors for men.

1. Navy Blue

Navy Blue Suits For Men

Like any other dark suit, a navy blue suit is a fundamental weapon in your formal wear armory. Among different latest color for men's suits, Navy is best suited for virtually every event, regardless of whether you are going through a day in the workplace, going to gatherings, getting mixed drinks at a bar, or going to a wedding. Navy Blue is the best color combination for suits because it goes with mostly any shirt color.

2. Dark Brown 

Chocolate Brown Suit Colors

Chocolate brown suit is not a formal color, but adds that dash of brightness to even a dark shade to your wardrobe. The only caution you need to take care of is to select the shirt color wisely. And don't over accessorize this color, because it is a bright entity.

3. Charcoal Grey

Charcoal Grey Suit Color

In the event that you're the youthful leader in the workplace, charcoal grey suit is ideal for you as it will in general make individuals look somewhat more seasoned and gives the look of business professional suit color. Furthermore, in case you're as of now on the other side of 50, a charcoal plaid grey suit can make you look more wise and recognized, similar to a school teacher.

Similar to a navy blue suit, this suit is also exceptionally flexible. It very well may be worn for any event and in view of its nonpartisan base tone, any assortment of shirt and tie mixes work with it.

4. Light Grey

Light Grey Suit Color

Light grey suit color is the formal as well as party color and helps you slip in and out of various occasions, by simply changing the shirt or tie. But remember that though the light grey is a color that gels well with all kinds of primary shirt colors and dress shoes, it still primarily remains a casual suit color. Assemble it well and you will have very few chances of fallout.

5. Medium Grey

Medium Grey Suit

Similar to light grey, medium grey or mid grey suit combinations is also a versatile color that fits with all kinds of primary shirts and suit colors. But remember that it is not a semi-formal color. Even the suit accessories in primary colors like cufflinks, tie-pocket squares and belts simply enhance the style quotient. 

6. Black

Black Color Suits

men's black suit is usually only for formal events that mark black-code events. And a must-have in your wardrobe because when you can't decide what to wear, black is always among the best suit colors for men. But among different color suits, the black doesn't work with all complexions, so look in the mirror before you pay for it. When you go for a formal party, black double-breasted suit can be a best options, as it enhance the overall outfit decency. 


7. Olive Green

Olive Green Suit Colors

When done effectively, olive green suits can be among the most delightful choices out there. They started their merited rebound in 2018 on the fashion ramp and never looked back. From that point forward, everybody from superstars to corporate honchos has accepted this novel color amid the latest trending shade of green double-breasted suit colors.

8. Rosewood

Rosewood Suit Color


Rosewood is not a standalone color. Plus it always looks great in plaids of other colors like black or green or even olive plaids look great in rosewood suit color.

Fine plaids make a formal mark, while wider plaids look great at casual or semi-formal events. Men with lighter complexions carry this suit with great style, if this has plaids/stripes among the best color combinations for suits. Here you need  to have knowledge of colors schemes of clothes to make your outfit looks elegant.

9. Ruby Red

Ruby Red Suit Color

Red is always the party color be it weddings or a cocktail/bachelor's party or for Christmas party outfit . So one at least a ruby red suit color is a must in every man's wardrobe, it being among the trending suit colors.

10. Bright White

Bright White Suit Color

Wearing a white suit draws the crowd's attention to oneself. Hence it may very well be great for white gatherings or best suit color for wedding when you need to make a significant show and order everybody's consideration. Notwithstanding, a white suit isn't required as a must-have. Thus, men ought not to focus on having it as a component of their assortment.

11. Maroon

Maroon Suit Color

Maroon suit color may not be ideal for the workplace, however, it's a phenomenal methodic suit for standing apart from the pack at a formal, stylish, evening occasion like an elite event like the launch of a café, book or office, or whatever comparative occasion you might go over with your excessive way of life. Maroon likewise gives you some flexible texture choices. Red looks especially great on velvet or a glossier texture.

12. Patterned

Some men get jittery at the mention of patterns as they feel it is too tricky to dress up in those. No, the only caution you have to follow is wear plain solid shirts with a patterned suit. So how to find the best color combination for suits in patterns? 

Pattern Suits For Men

A patterned suit comes in various styles like plain/solid as formal wear. Textured for party wear, printed that are ideal for weddings and for men who love to experiment; checks/stripes for both formal and semi-formal occasions and last but not the least the striped suits that look extraordinary at parties, evening gatherings as well as semi-formal occasions.

Wearing the standard suit in dark primary colors each day can get exhausting. You can also make combination of outfits and try different colors clothes that matches with your overall look. 

While deciding among the best suit colors for men, do not miss the part that the best color combination for suits is the one that enhances your looks and makes you look confident. So instead of just going for trending suit colors, go for the ones that look the best on you and make you look elegant in any occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Suit Colors

What is the best color for a business suit?

Navy blue is the best color for a business suit. It complements all complexions and goes well with almost all-colored shirts. Pair your navy blue suit with a light-colored shirt, and you are ready for your workplace, a business event, corporate meeting, and more formal occasions.

What color suit is best for a wedding?

Bright white is the best color for suits you can wear and look classy at a wedding. Pair it with the right colored shirt and the correct type of shoes to look the best. You can also choose ruby red and navy blue colored suits for a wedding.

What suit color is best for dark skin?

Charcoal gray is the best option in suit colors for dark-skin-toned men. The darker your complexion is, the lighter shade of gray you should pick. You can also try black and white colors for suits to compliment your dark complexion.