Green Pants Outfits Ideas For Men : 11 Different Ways to Wear It

Men have a certain stereotype about dressing up in green pants outfits. Often symbolized as only being used for military uniforms, green pants are many times ignored. In that case, we are here to help you enhance your look with the best green pants outfits. 

What Colors You Should Consider With Green Pants? 

Contrary to common belief, there are a myriad of color options available for you to pair with your green bottoms. The neutrals are considered the best alternative to play the role of green pants combination because they balance out the dark hue of green. You can also go with various shades of blues for colors that go with green pants. 

11 Green Pants Outfits For Men

For the shirts that go with green pants, denim, and button-downs are the top two most favorable options, as per experts. So, if you are thinking of making a unique impression for your next formal or casual event, here are a few shirt combinations with green pants.

1. Green Pants With Black Shirt

Black Shirt With Green Pants

When we talk about the black shirt and green pants combination, there are possibilities for both formal & casual clothing styles. For the casual outfit in black shirts, going with olive green chinos and a dark-colored jacket would be a better outfit. As for formals, style with brown oxford, a black button-down & jacket to complete the look.

2. Green Pants Combination With Grey Shirt

Green Pants With Grey Shirts

Among the shirts that go with green pants, grey is highly preferred. The mild color and cool tone bring out the perfect shade of the green bottoms. This look works especially for the dark green pant matching shirt ideas. You can go for a grey t-shirt & green chinos, or rock the look with a grey crewneck tee, leather jacket & green pants. 

3. Pair With Red Shirt

Red Shirt With Green Pants

Bring on the festive feels and style with bright colors, because this trend is highly fashionable. Red-shirt combination with green pants will surely make you the center of attention at every event. You can go for a three-quarter sleeve shirt, cuffed green trousers, and a braided belt for a charming look.

4. Combination of Pink Shirt

Green Pants Combinations With Pink Shirt

As is the case with most men, pink might not be the first (or even last) choice of shirts that go with green pants in your opinion. But, you will be highly mistaken. Everything can look great if styled correctly. You can always go for a checkered pink shirt outfit and light green pants for a cool look. This is one of the looks preferred for the light green pant matching shirt ideas.

5. Green Pants With Denim Jacket

Denim is the best combination for green pants in men’s fashion and when you style a t-shirt with a denim jacket, you will be the epitome of a charismatic look. They are for sure the best green pants combination styled with neutral, black, or yellow under shirts. Pair it up with dark brown suede footwear and you are all set to rock.

6. Green Pants With Blue Shirt

Blue Shirt With Green Pants

What’s the most worn green pants outfit option in men’s fashion? The answer would be blue. Blue shirts are the top most preferable color combination with olive green pants. They balance out the dark hues of the olive green bottoms, giving you a subtle yet edgy look. This combination can be worn for both formal as well as casual occasions.

7. Black Turtleneck Sweatshirt is Best!

Going to a club or a concert on a date? Then, dress up in a black turtleneck shirt and green pants outfit. Black is the color that works with every other color and green bottoms are no different. You can go for a green chino or light green pants to highlight your attire.

8. Wear With Yellow Shirt

Yellow Shirt With Green Pants

Perfect for both dark green & light green pants matching shirt ideas, yellow t-shirts, or button-downs will not disappoint you. Making you stand out in the crowd, the warm tone of yellow color will bring out your best features in sharp contrast. So, why not try out this color combination, especially with olive green pants.

9. Combine Green Pants With Blue Blazer

If your office wardrobe does not include a blue blazer, then go and get one right this second. Suitable for both neutrals & dark shirt shades, blue blazers are considered a great color combination with olive green pants. Especially when worn with white button-down shirts

10. Green Pants With Black Blazer

Green Pants With Black Blazer

Looking for the whole hotshot CEO vibe to make a great impression for a possible promotion? Then, dress up in an attractive pair of a black blazers, white shirt & green pants. You can also add a necktie for a much more professional outlook. This combination with black blazer is the best option for a business meetups or formal occasions.

11. Green Pants With Grey Blazer

Green Pants With Grey Blazer

Want to look charming yet don’t feel like standing out in the crowd? You can confidently go with a grey blazer & green pants combination. Leave the button open on your jacket & flaunt your body structure with a crisp white undershirt. You can go for both light as well as dark green pants for this option.

Leave your old stereotype behind in the case of green pants outfit options. Evolve your wardrobe with the latest trends by trying on these amazing green pants combinations. Live up to the moment by making an unforgettable impression. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What shoes go with green pants?

When talking about shoes, sneakers, boots, or loafers all look great for a green pants outfit. For olive green pants, you can go with brown suede shoes or tan sneakers. As for light green pants, tone down the overall look with grey suede sneakers or dark-colored boots.   

What jacket goes with green pants?

When it comes to matching a formal jacket and green pants combination, then Black, Grey, and Blue-jackets are the best options. All these colors will give a perfect balance to the vibrant hue of green, giving the wearer an amazing formal look with a warm touch.

When to wear green pants?

You can style green pants of varying types and shades for both formal and casual events. Go for dark shades of green for an official occasion. As for casual outings, both light & dark green pants will look great. Give your personality a new touch with a green pants outfit.