10 Pink Shirt Matching Pants For Men To Look Dashing

Pink shirt matching pants are a perfect outfit for men who wish to outshine all with their bold looks. But most of the men have common questions to ask - How to select a pink shirt combination pant? Which colors look better with pink shirts?. This article will answer all these questions and more.

Which Color Pant To Wear With Pink Shirt?

Here are the 10 best pink shirt matching pants suggestions by our experts that you can easily add in your daily wear wardrobe. Plus you will also get to know the color of shoes and belts to wear with pink shirt and pants.

1. Pink Shirt With Black Pants

Pink Shirt With Black Pants

For this pink shirt trouser combination, you can pick any shades of pink, as each would look great. The necktie here could either be black or a darker shade of pink than the shirt. You must pick black belt and dark brown/black or toe tone shoes here (oxfords, loafers, sneakers, derby - it could be any depending on the occasion).  

2. Wear Pink Shirt With White Pants

Pink Shirt With White Pants

Well with white pants to wear with a pink shirt, you can call this both dark pink shirt combination pants as well as light pink color shirt matching pants. Stick to light brown suede loafers or white sneakers, when it comes to this pink shirt outfits. You can wear white necktie in rayon or silk with this pink shirt trouser combination as its ideal wear. Brown belt and brown shoes, preferably oxfords or brogues are a semi-formal party type, while loafers would mean a casual gathering.

3. Pink Shirt Will Look Best With Beige Pants

Pink Shirt Combine With Beige Trouser

This pair-up works great as a dark pink shirt combination pant. For work wear a pink button down shirt with beige, while you can pair up a pink T shirt with beige trousers. A blazer in Navy blue or beige color would look great for layering this pink shirt combination. Again brown shoes, brown belt would look ideal, as per the event and occasion. 

4. Combine With Brown Pants

Pink Shirt With Brown Pants

This is an ideal pink shirt combination pant to impress your lady love. For a date, brown pants with a pink shirt are an extraordinary look. You could likewise wear brown jeans with earthy colored shoes and a pale pink shirt for a relaxed look. A savvy suit coat or jacket looks perfect with brown pants, a pink shirt, and earthy colored shoes. You can pick a brown belt but can avoid a necktie here. 

5. Pink Shirt Matching Green Pants

Pick olive or deep green when you are selecting this pink shirt trouser combination. Brown brogues, oxfords, loafers etc. would look great with a brown belt and matching green necktie. This is an ultra casual pink shirt combination with pants outfit that must be avoided at work, unless you are walking into an office party with deep olive green pants and a light pink shirt. 

6. Pink Shirt With Maroon Pants

Combine Pink Shirt With Maroon Pant

Pink and maroon are on a similar range as far as the spectrum is concerned, so wearing the two together is an extraordinary monochromatic look. Picture this- maroon pants combination with a light pink traditional shirt, the sleeves moved up with a maroon tie, and an earthy colored belt with brown loafers. Even a pink tee can give similar energies towards this light pink color shirt matching pants.

7. Pink Shirt With Plaid Pants

Pick any solid color in plaids like navy blue, olive green, khaki, deep maroon, black-gray, black etc. Keep the plaids fine lined when pink shirt matching pants are to be picked up in checks. Pair them up with brown shoes, light brown when the shirt is light pink and vice versa when it is dark pink. You can also throw in a blazer in matching colors, if you wish to walk into a meeting.

8. Pink Shirt With Violet Pants

How to wear light pink color shirt matching pants? Then pink shirt with violet pants is the answer. This is an ultra-casual approach so keep it only for say beach parties, late night gatherings with your boys and such very casual gatherings only. Strictly not to be worn to work parties. Can team them up with sneakers in colors matching shirt and pants, a violet necktie and a deep brown belt. 

9. Pink Shirt With Grey Jeans

Pink Shirt With Grey Jeans

Here you should pair light pink shirts with light grey jeans outfit, while the darker shades of pink would look good with dark grey shades like the charcoal grey. For the dark pink shirt combination pants, you can go for dark brown or black sneakers or loafers, while keeping them light brown for lighter shades of pink shirts. If at all you are wearing a necktie, it can be deep pink or grey, and even black. The belt here would either be deep brown or black as per the shoes color. 

10. Pair Pink Shirt With Striped Pants

Pink Shirt With Striped Pants

Pink shirt matching pants in stripes, would look good only when the shirt is pink, plain and solid color, not in stripes. You can pick any color like navy blue, black, gray, olive, deep lavender and more. But keep the stripes fine and thin. Match the necktie with the color of the pants. Brown shoes or two-toned shoes would look ideal here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Color Tie to Wear with a Pink Shirt?

Pink shirt matching pants necktie largely means the necktie that compliments the pants. Color such as blue will be best suited with pink shirt. Make sure to check whether blue textured or solid blue ties looks good with pink shirt.

When to Wear a Pink Shirt?

A pink shirt trouser combination can be an ultra casual attire if you pick violet or maroon pants, but will be a great semi-formal men's outfit when the pants are grey or olive green.

What Does Wearing a Pink Shirt Mean?

Wearing a pink shirt means that you are a bold man who loves to defy rules of fashion and walks a mile extra to make a strong statement.