10 White Blazer Outfits For Men That Will Make Heads Turn

No matter what the circumstance you wind up in, there's an easygoingness and unquestionable certainty that comes from men's white blazer outfits. However, pulling off this articulate piece is no mean accomplishment. Donning white blazer combinations demands a downplayed however yet a classic elegance and a lot of confidence that oozes swag!

What You Should Consider While Choosing a White Blazer?

white blazer is a casual outfit, but for an ultra casual look you can pick a double-breast white blazer and for somewhat semi-formal white blazer outfit ideas, you must select a single-breasted one. Also pick linen and cotton for summers, and silk, rayon, woolen for fall/winters and for white blazer combinations for weddings.

10 White Blazer Outfit Ideas For Men

A white blazer outfit is not for the faint-hearted! So let's start with the fundamentals of how to create white blazer outfit ideas for men. 

1. White Blazer Combinations With Jeans

White Blazer With Jeans

A white blazer is the ideal method for sprucing any dark shaded slim fit jeans. Thrown on over a fitted dark or dim tee, some blue-wash slim fit pants/chinos and loafers, it makes for a savvy easygoing look that is reasonable for cocktail parties or supper.

With regards to the blazer, search for an unlined style in linen or cotton with fixed pockets for ideal white blazer outfits. With your jeans, stay away from any tears or overabundance specifying, rather deciding on an exemplary pair with a vegan leather brown belt and flaunting your ankles a bit.

2. White Blazer With Black Pants

White blazer with black pants

Make the white blazer the final detail to your all-dark ensembles. A white jacket/ blazer emphasized with a black polo-neck T-shirt , black skinny or slim-fit jeans, and a black leather shoes is among the coolest, in-vogue white blazer outfit ideas. Alternatively a formal shirt would look great as a semi-formal look. 

3. Pair White Blazer With Turtleneck T-Shirt

White blazer with black turtleneck tshirt

Pick a dark turtle neck T-shirt like say a brown one and try that out with a brown trouser or jeans. And then watch the ladies turn their heads towards your fashion quotient. Similarly you can pick more dark colors in turtle neck T-shirts, to create more white blazer outfit ideas. Pick shoes in white or brown or two-tones, with brown sunglasses for that chic, ultra cool look.

4. Match White Blazer With Shorts

A single-breast or double-breasted white blazer will create a sober men's white blazer outfit with different types of shorts. Combine white blazer with shorts and pair with darker T-shirt or shirt. Or could be a dark pair of shorts, to match a lighter shirt. Don't forget matching sunglasses. White, black or brown casual shoes matching the color of the shirt/T-shirt would transform a simple look into a dapper men's white blazer outfit. 

5. Half Black and White Blazer

Half black and white blazer combinations

To create these chic white blazer outfits, always pick a white T-shirt or shirt and a black trouser or jeans. If the half white and black blazer is in silk, rayon or other party material, then pick a formal trouser for that ideal white blazer combination for wedding. Wear this men's white blazer outfit with white shoes or black-white two tone shoes.

6. White Blazer Dark Blue Striped Shirt

White Blazer With Dark Blue Striped Shirts

For this white blazer and shirt combination, ensure that the stripes and fine lines in white or black only and not thick/broad lines. Also the stripes must be vertical, not horizontal. Navy blues shoes would add a great charm to these white blazer outfit. 

7. Pair With Black Stripes

For crafting white blazer outfit ideas with black stripes you ought to select shirts in lighter shades like white, light blue, pick or more such neutral shades. Black striped outfits mean your white blazer can have black stripes or you can have stripes on pants with lighter shade of color.

8. White Blazer With T-Shirt

You can wear a T-shirt in bright shades, but not prints and pair these up with white jeans or trousers or the lower matching T-shirt. Don't forget a pair of brown shoes and a brown belt. T-shirt and white blazer combinations are casual looks, so keep these to cocktail parties or a for a date night outfits. Just in case you have no option but to walk into a semi-formal gathering, a black or deep colored T-shirt with matching pants would also look great.

9. White Blazer With Pink Shirt

White Blazer With Pink Shirt

Among the white blazer outfits, this white blazer combination would pass off as a perfect party wear, when you team this up with white pants, navy blue pants, pair with grey pants or beige trousers. Light brown loafers, brogues, derby and oxford shoes would give this men's white blazer outfit a perfect compliment.

10. White Blazer in Tuxedo Style

White tuxedo blazer

While first evaluating this strong look, the most straightforward method for beginning is by keeping any remaining exemplary components of the tuxedo the same, while trading out your black coat for a white coat with different styles of tuxedos. This implies you ought to stay with a basic white dress shirt, well-fitting black tuxedo pants, and a suitable necktie or bow. Compliment this white blazer outfit with black formal shoes.

How To Accessorize A White Blazer?

When white blazer combination shirt is formal, go for formal or semi-formal shoes, as per the color of the shirt and T-shirt. Go for the neck ties that compliment the look like a gray necktie would charm you over a gray trouser. Pick sunglasses in shades of black or brown mostly, unless you are bold enough to carry the range of pinks, blues and green as per the color of the shirt or pant. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What shoes go well with white blazer?

This depends on the colors of the shirt/t-shirt like brown formal would look great with brown Oxford shoes. Alternatively, when you white blazer combination for wedding, you can experiment with colors as per the party zone, like sneakers, etc. 

Which colors match with white blazer?

Right from white to all shades of the rainbow as well as black and brown look perfect with a white blazer provided you pair white blazer combination shirt with the right color of trousers/jeans. 

What fabric will go with white blazer?

Your white blazer must be in linen or cotton, if the shirt and trousers are in summer fabrics. Alternatively you may pair, rayon or woolen blazer with similar shirts in winter or fall.